Thursday, July 21, 2011

So it Begins

We've just passed our six month anniversary, and we've had very little contact with friends and family since getting married. We have simply been sucked into the vacuum of early marriage, where we just don't want to go anywhere particular because we get more time with each other at home. I haven't minded this at all of course because I am a part of it. Well, as an outreach to all those who have been ignored, we are starting this blog to share a bit of our lives and publish our opinions and experiences. Neither of us are normally big picture takers, but we did take a lot of pictures on our honeymoon to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. So since this blog is still young and pretty barren, we will share a small selection of the hundreds of pictures we took in Florida.
On Speeder bike at Disney Hollywood Studios
On the bridge to Hogsmeade, in front of Hogwarts at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
Alan by his buddy Iron Man at Islands of Adventure
Emily the Viking in Norway section of the World Expo at the Epcot Center
Alan on left side of picture in front of the Spider-man ride, the coolest 3-D ride ever.


  1. cute pictures, Emily! You should post some wedding pics- I never got to see any of those....

  2. Oooh! That is where Sieben and I are going for our honeymoon! But in drastically different weather...or slightly. I don't know the temperature variations of Florida, though I'm sure I could look it up. Good to hear/see from/about you!