Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Felt Nativity Dolls

So in addition to my Halloween and Thanksgiving dolls I have made some Christmas dolls.  I have many nativity scenes and they are all breakable. I loved to play with nativity scenes as a little girl. My mom had several and they all had been broken at some point and were glued back together. I decided to make this one out of felt so kids can play with them.
 Mary is made from a pattern of my own design with permanently bent arms and bendable knees and and pointed toes.

Joseph is made of a hybrid pattern from pattern I made for Mary and the pattern I used for the pilgrims, but with longer legs, a thicker waist and broader shoulders.

Their faces are drawn on with a Sharpie and their clothes are made from scraps from my stash. Their hair is crochet thread. Joseph's beard and eyebrows are brown felt.

Baby Jesus is pinker since he is a newborn and swaddled in white felt. Maybe by next year I'll have made a manger for Baby Jesus' bed.

Merry Christmas from the Stemmons!

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