Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gumball Wreaths

 I found a cute craft on a website (instructions linked here) I found through Pintrest and decided to try it for myself. I wrapped a foam wreath form with fabric and then hot glued the gumballs on one by one. WARNING: gumballs and hot glue do not part easily. Once I had a gumball glued down, I could not pull it off again without a pair of pliers that destroyed the gumball and still left the glued portion stuck to the fabric. So although my spacing wasn't perfect there was nothing I could do about it. That's OK with me since, although I try my best, I'm not the type that has to intentionally add flaws to my projects in an act of (false) humility. My flaws are all natural, Baby. Rant warning. (I have heard artists and architects claim to add flaws to their design because no one is perfect but God. Well, yes, that is true, but I seriously get irritated at this claim. I don't think the Lord expects people to intentionally hold themselves back from perfection, since our natural mortal state will do that for us. Intentionally adding flaws and pointing them out to claim humility is just old style humble-bragging. I'm so good, I had to add flaws!)
 [Clears throat, steps off soapbox.] 

 The gumballs on the original site were all painted one color, which was very cute, but I liked all the colors so I just sprayed them with clear acrylic for a finish.

 I'm not sure how well this would hold up outdoors even with the acrylic coating, so I have it hanging indoors.

Here's my smaller Valentine's Day version.

They are so cute I could just eat them. No need though, I have lots of leftover gum.
Anyone need any gum?

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