Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Two Crows Quilt

As I have mentioned before, I like birds. I see all kinds of birds in the field behind our yard, hawks, an eagle from time to time, flocks of brewer's black birds, robins, the stupid woodpecker that likes to hang out all winter above my front porch and poop all over it, magpies, and black crows. I really rather like crows. I know they have a scary omen of death reputation, but that is just from the fact that they are carrion birds. I don't care about that, lots of animals and birds eat things we humans find disgusting. Besides crows are smarty pants, they are so smart they have to make up games to keep from getting too bored.

I was designing a Fall wall hanging and found a design I liked better online called One Crow. This quilt actually has a pattern so feel free to buy it at Country Threads for only $7.00. I have a hard time following patterns, I'm always looking for different ways to do things. If you look at the example for the pattern, you'll see it has a log cabin block background, where I was too lazy that day and just used easy nine patch squares. I also left out the second border and black strips at the top and bottom of the center design. The appliques are almost identical to the pattern, except I used two rather than one crow.

I used cotton fabrics from my stash for all but the black fabrics. The crows are made from the reverse side of shiny black polyester.

 The second crow got a little warped from the flame I used to melt the edge threads.

I didn't bother with fusible webbing on the appliques, I just pinned them down and stitched around them. The black in the border is a rayon I originally bought to make into a work skirt. The orange fabrics have been sitting around for years waiting for me to make a Fall quilt, so I'm glad I finally got to use them.

The finished quilt is 29.5 x 35 inches

Next time: my first prize winning quilt.

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